Annual Reports 2018

H.H.M.B. President’s 2018 Annual Report, General Mtg., M.B. Fire Station #6, February 12, 2019

Greetings and Happy New Year to all who love and support Hope House of Myrtle Beach! This year we will celebrate ten years of being incorporated! My, how time flies when good things are happening! There are approximately sixty McKinney Vento students, including Unaccompanied Youth and families being served and lives being transformed, due to your generosity. For this, we say thank you!! In 2018, we began working with a local realtor and actively explored housing options for the Unaccompanied Youth. We are being mentored by Kim Wilson, former Director of Secondary Education, Charleston School District. We’ve had the opportunity to meet with him and I have been in contact and while in Charleston, I visited Mickey’s House, Stahll High School’s version of Hope House. It is nestled within a thriving community where neighbors are supportive of the program and especially the students! Our Executive Officers and Board of Directors hope we too will soon celebrate Hope House, the structure. Conflict of Interest statements from all directors and new officers are on file. Volunteers are in the building weekly and maintain the food pantry and clothes closet. The implemented tracking system still proves effective and allows for accountability. The “needs list” is updated monthly and with the daily support of officers, school administration, counselors, teachers and Hope House School/Community Ambassadors, students remain our number one priority!

Highlights of THE YEAR IN REVIEW:

We celebrated five (5) 2018 graduates, who were supported by Hope House! Four (4) enrolled in college and one is working. Two of those in college are attending on scholarship and are members of their respective honors college programs!! Because of our supporters’ continuous contributions and prayers, these young people were able to enjoy a wonderful senior year: order yearbooks, senior pictures, attend Prom, and the senior trip to Disney. Because of YOU-our Champions of Hope, Hope House covers all these expenses for our senior Unaccompanied Youth. It remains our mission to financially meet the needs of any and all McKinney-Vento students. We began the 2018 year with The Fourth Annual Resolution Run on Saturday, January 6. Grande Dunes members participated in the walk/run and a generous donation was made to Hope House. This is one event we enjoy sharing with our Grande Dunes friends.

Hope House acknowledged Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day brings people together to have fun, raise money and change the lives of kids who need our help the most. Board members gathered at the Anchor Café with our noses on and enjoyed taking part in this campaign to end childhood hunger.

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” a community outreach program to provide meals for students, families and displaced citizens, was a collaborative effort of Mt. Olive AME Church, Hope House, MB area Schools and many other organizations (churches, civic organizations, businesses, etc.). Led by Mr. Jimmy Washington and coordinated by MB Middle Principal, Janice Christy, City of MB Neighborhood Services, hundreds of volunteers and Hope House over seven thousand meals were served during an eight-day period!! Meals were delivered to those who had no transportation, namely seniors, students and families. This was truly an example of coming together and being our brothers’ keeper!!

We extend a hearty welcome to new partner Jersey Mike’s, 7955 North Kings Hwy. Board members and Jersey Mike’s reps teamed together encourage customers to support Hope House. The event proved successful and all attendees had fun! This was a very busy night for Hope House as two board members represented Hope House at the annual “Bring the Light to Myrtle Beach” event hosted by Myrtle Beach High School athletics. As President, I was asked to speak and share my experiences as a high school student-athlete. Instead, I chose to share the stories of two Seahawks athletes who had incredible journeys, but are now outstanding City residents and coaches at MB High!! Five student-athletes signed National Letters of Intent to participate as athletes at the collegiate level. It was a blessed event and our presence was felt, as we received a request for help from a student who was in attendance.

Another huge thank you and welcome to NIKE, 501 Tanger Outlet. NIKE provided shoes for our students and for some, these may have been the ONLY new item they received. We are grateful and look forward to a long lasting relationship!

“Partnering with Publix-” (Thanksgiving Meals) continues to be a strong partnership. Hope House is one of Publix’s sponsored charitable organizations. We purchased fifty pre-cooked meals for our McKinney Vento students, families, Unaccompanied Youth and families in need throughout the community!

The holiday shopping trip for our McKinney Vento students and our Unaccompanied Youth co-sponsored by First Presbyterian Church and Hope House was initially challenging, but ended up being quite positive! Thirty-nine students, ALL in ONE day, had a great time shopping for themselves and family members. This year, we had the greatest number of community chaperones from FPC and residents who recently moved to our City and wanted to volunteer. Retired educators and college students also reached out and were on hand to support the students. For many Seahawks graduates and retirees, it was a reunion!!

Canned food drives by various community organizations continue and collections of toiletries and other goods are ongoing. Supporters who wish to donate pre-owned clothing may do so by taking items to the First United Methodist Church Thrift Store or Associated Charities. MB High students and families can receive items at little or no cost.


There was a decline in overall giving last year, but there are many donors who have supported Hope House since inception and continue to do so. Thank You!! If you were unable to give, please keep us in your prayers as we move forward. Perhaps you will consider giving again in 2019 and years to come. The Hope House Building Committee and board members began seeking property (land or an existing structure) within proximity to the high school. Accompanied and guided by a local realtor, we actively visited homes that were listed for sale. Meanwhile, the data base of Myrtle Beach High School parents willing to house our unaccompanied youth and independent students continues to be developed. One more was added and we have one who will begin the process for background check and we received one inquiry last week. Concerned with helping the students feel less of a burden and more independent, the board’s policy which provides host families with a stipend toward utilities or food has proven worthwhile. Hope House Board believes placing our teens in a family environment is more conducive to their holistic growth and development.

Thanks to EVERY one of you for your continuous prayers and support! Without you, we would not be able to bless our students as we do. I ask you to please remain on this journey with us, as we move forward in fulfilling our mission of providing a healthy, safe and nurturing environment for the Students of Myrtle Beach High School, while they pursue an education. May you be the reason someone smiles each day and may the love and peace of The Creator be with you and your love ones forevermore!

Abundant Blessings and Love,

Cookie Canty Goings, President
Hope House of Myrtle Beach